Share and Collaborate
Share and Collaborate
Online workspace where you can share documents and collaborate.
Online off-site Backup
Online Off-site Backup
Automated backups of critical data with scheduling options.
Online file Storage
Online File Storage
Store and retrieve files via web browser or StorageSync
Huge File Sharing
Huge File Sharing
Upload and share large files without email attachment problems.
FTP Replacement
FTP Replacement
Without the hassles of traditional FTP solutions.
SSL login and transfer make it safe to upload and share files. e-storage encryption ensures privancy of your data.
Huge File Sharing
Mobile App
Access files and folders via mobile devices instead of customary web access.
FTP Replacement
Contacts Backup and Restore
Save unlimited phone contacts in multiple versions via e-storage mobile app.
  • Quality of service

    Is it faster to access your data at TM datacenter or some unknown datacenter somewhere across the world?

    And what happens when there is another occurrence of the broken undersea fiber optic link which happened not long ago due to natural disaster?

  • Support Service

    TM e-storage Support Team provides business hour phone support as well as 24x7 email support.

    What sort of support are the free services giving to the user? Do they have a phone number for the user to call like e-storage Service does? And how much is that going to cost for the local user to do that if there’s one?

  • Data Storage Centre

    Would you rather keep your critical data with e-storage Service provided by the top branded local established ISP, or some online companies whose office and data center across the world which you know nothing about? What happens when these companies collapse?

  • Level of redundancy & Safety Measure

    e-storage Service always makes a redundant copy of the data you back up and rest assured that the Storage servers are safely protected at ISP highly secured data center. Do free services offer the same level of redundancy and safety measure?


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