Protect your phone contacts by having them backed up to e-storage, which you can retrieve and restore to your device anytime.

Hassle Free Contacts Backup & Restore

If your phone is lost, stolen or damaged, all your phone contacts will be gone forever if you haven’t had them backed up. Now, you don’t have to worry anymore – e-Contact will have your back(up)!

Use e-Contact to backup tens to thousands of contacts from your phone to the cloud where you can access them through the e-storage portal anytime, anywhere. You can even edit details about your contacts using our Contact Editor tool from the web.

Unlimited Contacts, Devices and Backup Files

With e-Contact, you can backup and store unlimited versions of contacts to the cloud, as long as your e-storage account has a sufficient space.

We do not limit the number of devices that you can use per account. As long as you installed the app on your mobile phone, you are able to backup and restore contacts using your e-storage account.

There is also no restriction on how many contacts you can back up. You can select specific or all contacts to backup at a time.

Move and Restore Contacts to iPhone/iPod/Android phones

In case you are switching to a new phone, you can instantly move or restore all contacts from your previous phone to the new one. You’ll just need to do a few clicks to get all your contacts available across different devices.